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How To cut Foam From 5 Liter Mini Beer Kegs

Middle - How To cut Foam From 5 Liter Mini Beer Kegs

How To cut Foam From 5 Liter Mini Beer Kegs

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A big complaint with mini kegs since they have been gaining in popularity is the number of foam you get with each pour. When you read reviews of min beer dispensers on Amazon they are riddled with this same complaint. In this post I hope to illustrate the process of pouring beer from a mini keg to sacrifice excess foaming.

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Step 1. Chill the beer

This is the most important step, warm beer = foamy beer. You do not want to buy a keg the same night you plan on drinking it. Buy it the day before and stick it in the fridge or your mini keg dispenser and let it chill for 10-12 hrs.

Step 2. Pour it clean

Make sure the glass you are using is nice and clean. You don't want any residue or particles in your beer to disrupt the pour or your beers taste.

Step 3. Pour at an angle

When preparing to pour the beer align your glass at a exiguous more than a 45 degree angle. Angling your glass reduces agitation that will generate more foam.

Step 4. Pour it smooth

Pull the tap with one slow level motion. Aim the introductory pour so it hits the middle of the glass and flows into the lowest of the glass. As the beer pours keep angling the glass till it is approximately perpendicular to the keg and then bringing the angle back up as the beer fills.

Step 5. Enjoy Your Fresh Draft Beer

Once you have your full glass with a nice clean pour and about 1-1 ½" of foam on the top its time for that first sip. Skim any excess foam off the top and throw it back. Tastes good doesn't it?

So there you now have your easy guidelines for pouring the excellent glass from your Heineken mini keg while reducing unwanted foam.

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