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The health Benefits of Cabbage

The health Benefits of Cabbage

Sadly, most American households wrinkle their noses at the mere mention of this valuable, all distinguished and sorely misunderstood vegetable. The word cabbage is normally adequate to send children to their rooms with a myraid of excuses as to why they may not wish to eat their evening meal. While cabbage is a yummy and medicinal staple in other countries, it is practically foreign to Americans, with the exception of good old fashioned cole slaw. Do recognize that this American cabbage specific, mayonnaise laden dish full of hydrogenated oils and other unmentionables, well ruins the reason for eating such a medicinal food in the first place.

Cabbage is a sturdy, strong and abundant vegetable. Hardy and easy to grow, it is practically universally available in all countries and cultures. Cabbage belongs to the all foremost house of cruciferous vegetables. The members of this house of vegetables are so named for their cross shaped (crucifer) flower petals. Rich in food and fiber, cabbage is an well extraordinary source of Vitamin C. Even more impressive is that cabbage is renowned for a specialized, plainly occurring, nitrogenous mixture known as indoles. Current study indicates that indoles can lower the risk of varied forms of cancer.

Cabbage was beloved with the ancient Greeks and Romans. An early Roman medicinal preperation blended lard with the ashes of burnt cabbage to make an ointment for disinfecting wounds. Throughout history, the Asian diet has been rich and abundant in cabbage and its varied varieties. Epidemiological studies have found that men living in China and Japan sense a much lower rate of prostate cancer than their American counterparts. Similar data has been uncovered concerning breast cancer rates among women.

It is no wonder that the lowely, plain, boring cabbage gets rave reviews from the world of nutritionists. Cabbage is relatively cheap yet one of the richest when it comes to protective vitamins. Talk about the original weight loss food! One cup of cabbage contains only colse to 15 calories.

Cabbage is rich in the following nutrients:

Vitamin A: responsible for the safety of your skin and eyes.

Vitamin C: an all foremost anti-oxidant and helps the mitochondria to burn fat.

Vitamin E: a fat soluble anti-oxidant which plays a role in skin integrity.

Vitamin B: helps pronounce integrity of nerve endings and boosts vigor metabolism.

Modern science has proven beyond a uncostly doubt that the health benefits and therapeutic value of cabbage, which also plays a role in the inhibition of infections and ulcers. Cabbage extracts have been proven to kill certain viruses and bacteria in the laboratory setting. Cabbage boosts the immune system's capability to yield more antibodies. Cabbage provides high levels of iron and sulphur, minerals that work in part as cleansing agents for the digestive system.

There are many distinct varieties of cabbage, so please, be brave and innovative. Green cabbage is the most popular, coarse and of course the one we are most well-known with. Take a walk on the wild side with Savoy cabbage. With yellow crinkled leaves, you can use this range of cabbage as an alternate in many recipes. Let's not forget Bok Choy, a disposition increasing to Chinese recipes that has a sweet, light, celery type familiarity. Red Cabbage. It goes without saying in that it plainly has to be good for you given all that gorgeous plant pigment where the majority of food is stored. Red cabbage is good in salads and is ordinarily pickled. Napa cabbage has a mild sweet taste and is unbelievable in stir fry dishes.

Whatever your choice of cabbage may be, enjoy a serving at least once a week along with your other important and health promoting cruciferous vegetables. Try to cook your cabbage lightly. Steaming and quick stir fry dishes are considered to be the best methods for preserving the power packed natural food given so freely by mom Nature. Cabbage soup anyone?

The health Benefits of Cabbage

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