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Raynaud's Syndrome and Breastfeeding Pain - A highly Treatable health

Raynaud's Syndrome and Breastfeeding Pain - A highly Treatable health

Pain from Raynaud's Syndrome while breastfeeding is reported to be so intense it has been likened to a "vise clamping nearby the nipples". Is it any wonder that women who suffer from this disorder temporarily stop breastfeeding and resort to expressing breast milk into a bottle for their babies until the pain subsides?

All in the Head?

There are many inherent causes of breastfeeding pain, but Raynaud's Syndrome, a disorder that affects 20% of women of childbearing age, has only recently been recognized as one inherent cause of painful nipples while breastfeeding. The connection in the middle of Raynaud's Syndrome and breastfeeding was first reported in the early 1970's, when it was described as "psychosomatic sore nipples", implying that the cause of the pain is more a negative connection to breastfeeding rather than a real, physiologic disorder.

Is Raynauld's Syndrome to Blame?

When a woman reports pain while breastfeeding, lactation consultants will ordinarily start out by ruling out other inherent causes: the baby's mouth clamping down on the nipple, improper positioning, or improper latching of the baby's mouth. Once these other inherent causes are ruled out, a Raynaud's Phenomenon test, which includes exposure to sudden cold temperatures, is carried out, to see whether this would trigger blanching or any other color changes and pain in the nipples. If this test is positive, then Raynaud's Syndrome becomes a strong theorize for breastfeeding pain.

Women who complain of the strong pain are sometimes misdiagnosed as suffering from Candida albicans infection and repeated inappropriate medicine with topical antifungal creams is not unusual for these breastfeeding mothers.

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Interestingly, there are ongoing discussions in the healing community about the connection in the middle of a history of breast surgical operation and use of breast implants vis-a-vis the onset of Raynaud's Syndrome and other auto-immune disorders.

Get Quick Help

When women touch Raynaud's Syndrome breastfeeding problems, it is important to seek medicine at once in order to allow them to return to happily breastfeeding their babies as soon as possible.

The good news is that Raynaud's Syndrome breastfeeding pain is carefully to be a highly-treatable condition.

Raynaud's Syndrome and Breastfeeding Pain - A highly Treatable health

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