Monday, December 26, 2011

Learn Piano Fast - Even if You Don't Know Where Middle C is!

Learn Piano Fast - Even if You Don't Know Where Middle C is!

So, you want to learn how to play piano. So do thousands of others colse to the world. Here's how they normally go about it.

First, they try to find a piano trainer close to where they live. They may or may not know what style they want to learn, but form the piano trainer can help them form this out.

Next, it's off to the piano trainer for the first appointment. What normally happens here is the trainer gives the pupil "an assessment" to see what they know. Now, for the most part, piano teachers won't ask prospective students what they want to learn because they assume it will be classical in nature.

The benefits for the piano trainer in teaching the classical recipe are enormous! First, students must learn how to read music and this can take everywhere from 1-month to 1 year depending on how fast a pupil the pupil is. Second, students learn classical repertoire and this can admittedly take forever. As this is happening over time, the pupil becomes a piano player who can read sheet music and play the music of dead composers reasonably well. That's the goal anyway.

The pupil at this point may have spent thousands of dollars studying how to do this thus addition the piano teachers income. What a great deal for the piano teacher! But what about the student?

Listen, if your goal is to learn how to note-read and play other peoples music for fun then that is what you should do. But if you're curious in a more creative arrival to piano playing, you may want to seek out a trainer who will show you how to play piano using a chord-based approach. Here's why:

Time spent studying is greatly reduced. Listen to this... You can learn most chords on the piano within one month's time. You won't be an specialist at it, but you'll know adequate to get colse to on the piano. This puts you light years ahead of your classical playing counterparts.

Musicianship is quickly realized. Do you know that most classical players don't have a clue how what they are playing was created? That's right! They just play the notes like a typist and never understand the difficulty behind the music. Now, if you learn chords, inevitably, you're going to learn about chord charts and once you learn how to "chart out music," you'll be thinking like a composer. You'll be portion leaps ahead of most classically trained musicians. Look, if you admittedly want to learn how to play piano fast, learn a chord-based arrival first. You can all the time learn note reading later on.

Learn Piano Fast - Even if You Don't Know Where Middle C is!

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