Thursday, January 5, 2012

Can the Middle Class Survive the Great Recession?

Can the Middle Class Survive the Great Recession?

That is hard to answer, but let's try. There are a lot of negative things that have happened to the middle class in new years. Many citizen in power have made a lot of bad decisions that have lead to our decline. I believe confident components of our infrastructure should be regulated by laws agreed upon by the citizens-not corporate lobbies and big government. Unfortunately, this will never happen in the United States of America.

The mortgage manufactures has played a huge part in destroying the middle class. Their recklessness and greed have depressed home values so bad that it now makes little sense for the median American to own their own home. The only way it makes any sense at all is if you can do it without taking a mortgage, and we all know how many members of the middle class can do that; very few!!

The unemployment crisis is someone else serious question for the middle class. Corporate greed and tight prestige have made it very difficult to find gain and rewarding employment. If you're lucky enough to find a job, good luck keeping it for long. Even if you find a somewhat gain job, you can expect poor treatment, low pay, and high stress, as there are throngs of citizen surface who would kill to be in your position, and employers know this!!

The survival of the middle class depends, not on big corporate giants, the mortgage industry, or the President, it depends on You! We need to think past the bull, grab ourselves by the boot straps, and start reasoning like the super rich-Independently!

We need to stop allowing Corporate America free and unregulated control of our lives. We need to start reasoning for ourselves. Let's start a new movement. We all need to fire our bosses by becoming entrepreneurs and come to be complex in government by writing our senators, voting, and standing up for your fellow American. I believe by reading this, you can reply the title of this description for yourself!

Can the Middle Class Survive the Great Recession?

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