Friday, January 20, 2012

health insurance - Having Secondary health insurance

health insurance - Having Secondary health insurance

Secondary health insurance is plainly when you are covered by two policies rather than one. This might happen if you are 25 or under and you are a trainee and are still covered under your parent's plan or if you have coverage both straight through you work and straight through your spouses.

If you have overlapping coverage there are some advantages to this and you shouldn't write it off as a waste of money right away.

For example if you or one of your family members needs more coverage than what is offered straight through one provider. If one procedure only covers hospital stays for up to 0,000 and you get a bill for 0,000 you would be responsible for the remaining ,000.

However if you have secondary coverage this procedure would then kick in. If you didn't have a secondary provider, you would have to pay for the added expenses out of pocket.

If you do have a secondary procedure you must disclose it to your customary business otherwise you could be committing fraud.

The speculate is that some habitancy will positively try to make a profit by making claims against both policies for the same thing. In this case if you tried to make a 0,000 claim against both companies you would be making a ,000 profit, but you would also be breaking the law.

If you have a secondary procedure and it's not costing you too much then it's probably a good idea to keep it. Unlike the rest of the 46 million Americans who are uninsured or under insured with a secondary health insurance plan you would be setting yourself apart and a tiny bit of extra protection never hurt anyone.

health insurance - Having Secondary health insurance
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