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Jumping Into Good: The Middle occasion

Jumping Into Good: The Middle occasion

Have you seen exiguous kids determined climbing the ladder to the diving board, pensively studying the water below and then bursting into outrageous silliness as they fling themselves into flight with all limbs flapping? That leap of faith into the swimming pool, that moment of suspension in the air, that wiggly dance of glee that the child performs above the water, is the expression of the middle moment. The middle moment sits at the center of all our activities. Kids just tend to be much great at enjoying it than we are.

We are always launching and landing, launching and landing. We get underway something with a understanding and

then act on it. We start something and then we finish it. We want something and then we go get it. The

middle moment, the interval in in the middle of the desire and the activity or the activity and its fulfillment, can

often eludes us. If you want a drink of water and you go get it, the middle moment is not as dramatic as it

is for the child tossing himself into the deep end of the pool, but it is as loaded with potential. There is a

gleeful, wiggling, flapping moment underground within all activities.

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I'm not suggesting we go flailing around, tossing ourselves over to the water cooler to find the middle

moment in a drink of water. What I am saying is that it doesn't matter where you are, who you're with or

what you're doing. There is always a middle moment going on and it is always rich with potential. That

middle moment offers you a flight of freedom. If you allow it, it suspends you in the air and gives you a

little opening to let your spirit glow. It's very brief so you can't afford to spend time mental about it. All

you have time to do is feel it and let yourself beam your light in anything way it comes forth.

This is a subtle inner activity that you can expert with practice. You can still act with adult-style decorum

on the exterior while allowing a childlike freedom and brilliance during your inner middle moments. As

you institution this, you may be able to feel some space opening up in you. The energetic field around you

may begin to take on a ability similar to that of the air just beyond the diving board and just above the

water. By paying concentration to and playing within this middle moment, you derive a pleasing glow.

Friends may ask if your hair is separate or what you have changed to look so good.

Step 1 - seeing It

In order to let light into your middle moments, you must have a feeling for when they are happening.

Really, they are constant and depending on how you define it, any moment can be called a middle

moment. Once you can dance in the perpetual middle moment you are in a continuous flight of joy. For

right now, lets start by seeing one middle moment at a time.

Notice the time in in the middle of actions when there is nothing much for you to do. The time it takes to walk to

the bathroom to brush your teeth can be one. Once you've dialed the phone and it's ringing, until the

other someone answers, that's another. You threw the baseball but the other someone has not caught it yet.

That's another one.

Step 2 - Jumping

Once you get a sense of when these middle moments are happening, you can start to interact with them.

The next step, once you have climbed up the ladder and looked out at the water, is to jump. You climbed

the ladder when you decided to get a drink of water or you stood up to go brush your teeth or you dialed

the phone or threw the baseball. You got yourself to the edge of the diving board and now you can just

stay there or you can jump. Jumping means letting go. It means releasing your toes from the diving board.

It means releasing your hold on the need that created the desire that set you into motion. It means trusting

that the process is in motion now and if even for a split second, there is nothing for you to do but be a silly

happy child.

Step 3 - Flying

This is the part we typically miss and this is the sweetest part. This is the part where the child is wiggling

and flapping, suspended in mid air. How do you do that while walking to the bathroom? How can you feel

that freedom while waiting for your mum to pick up the phone? All of these four steps are linked to

each other and in the same way that the spring of the diving board sets the child into flight, your release of

whatever came before your decision to act springs you into inner flight. There may have been some sense

of need or lack or compulsion motivating your action. Once you have acted you can let go of all that.

Release it completely. How your spirit will wiggle or flap will be unique to your middle moment.

Step 4 - Landing

Each middle moment is brief. After you launch, you fly and then you land. Landing means you made it to

the bathroom, mom picked up the phone, Billy caught the ball, you got to the water cooler. To land

gracefully, fully embrace the next activity with an eye out for the next middle moment on the horizon.

Bringing awareness to your middle moments is fun. There are no rules. You can't do this wrong. If a little

smile breaks straight through at an unexpected moment, your spirit is probably wiggling and flapping.

Jumping Into Good: The Middle occasion
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