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Catastrophic condition insurance - How to Get the Best Rate

Catastrophic condition insurance - How to Get the Best Rate

Looking for catastrophic health insurance? Want to know how to get the best rate with a reputable company? Here's how ...

Catastrophic Health Insurance

Catastrophic health insurance, also known as major medical insurance, is a type of health assurance that pays for major medical and hospital expenses but does not pay for visits to your doctor, designate drugs, or maternity care. Most plans cover hospital stays, surgeries, oppressive care, Xrays, and other hospital fees.

Catastrophic health assurance is the cheapest of all health insurance. Deductibles - the number you pay for a claim before your assurance company will pay - start at 0 and go up to ,000 or more. Most plans have a lifetime maximum benefit, known as a cap, of million to million. Once you reach your cap you can no longer receive benefits and your procedure is canceled.

If you have a particular pre-existing health such as Aids, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or emphysema, you may not be able to get a catastrophic health assurance plan.

Catastrophic health assurance may be a good health assurance plan for you if you're relatively healthy, take few or no designate drugs, and want to save money on your health insurance. This plan may also be a good selection if you're retired and not yet eligible for Medicare benefits.

Questions to Consider

Before you buy a catastrophic health assurance plan you need to ask yourself:

1. How much does the plan cost?

2. What does it cover and what is the lifetime maximum benefit?

3. Can I afford to pay for physician visits and prescriptions drugs?

4. How much is the deductible and can I afford it?

Getting Cheap Catastrophic Health Insurance

In order to get the best price on catastrophic health assurance you need to correlate rates. The easiest way to do that is to go online and visit an assurance comparison website.

Once there you'll be asked to fill out a straightforward questionnaire with your health history and the type of assurance you want. After you fill out the questionnaire you'll get health assurance quotes from a number of A-rated assurance companies.

The best comparison websites have an assurance professional on call so you can get answers to your health assurance questions. They also have an "Articles" or "Faqs" section with information about health insurance.

Catastrophic condition insurance - How to Get the Best Rate

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